The Basic Principles Of art

a style for and imitation of before types, a recurrent phenomenon given that ancient situations based upon the premise that previously operates were somehow purer and less difficult. Cf. primitivism.

clever; getting loads of ability (generally in a foul feeling). an artful thief. vindingryk ?????? ?????? ????? ??????? astuto rafinovaný, vynalézavý listig snedig; udspekuleret ep?t?de???, ??a???astuto; con artimaña osav ??????? ???? ?? kekseliäs rusé?????? ????? prepreden ügyes cerdik, licin kænn, slægur astuto ??? ??? ??? gudrus, apsukrus viltigs; slipets licik gewiekstlistig, sluprzebiegly ???? ? ????? astuto viclean; abil ?????????? prefíkaný prekanjen vešt förslagen, slug ?????????????? kurnaz, seytan ??? ????????; ?????? ??????? ma mãnh ???

a motion in twentieth-century portray where many planes of an object in the form of cubes or other solids are presented within an arbitrary arrangement employing a slender selection of colours or monochrome. — Cubist, n. — Cubistic, adj.

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a revolt by specific 20th-century painters and writers in France, Germany, and Switzerland in opposition to smugness in regular artwork and Western Culture; their will work, illustrating absurdity through paintings of purposeless machines and collages of discarded supplies, expressed their cynicism about traditional Tips of his comment is here form and their rejection of traditional concepts of beauty. — Dadaist, n.

3. (Artwork Conditions) imaginative ability as applied to representations of the natural globe or figments have a peek here of the imagination

arts and crafts - the arts of this content ornamental design and handicraft; "they sponsored arts and crafts in order to really encourage craftsmanship in an age of mass production"

artwork - the generation of gorgeous or sizeable factors; "art won't have to be revolutionary to generally be very good"; "I had been never ever any great at artwork"; "he said that architecture could be the art of squandering space fantastically"

vindingrykheid ??????????? ??????? astúcia obratnost, rafinovanost die Record snedighed; udspekulerethed ep?t?de??t?taastucia; artimaña osavus ??????? kekseliäisyys astuce???? ???? prepredenost ügyesség kecerdikan kænska astuzia ??? ?? gudrumas, apsukrumas viltiba kelicikan gewiekstheidlist, sluhet przebieglosc ??????? astúcia viclenie ???????????? prefíkanost, lstivost zvijacnost veština förslagenhet, listing ?????????????????? kurnazlik ?? ?????????? ?? ???? s? khéo léo ??

draftsmanship, drawing, drafting - the creation of creative pics or diagrams; "he learned drawing from his father"

decoupage - the artwork of decorating a surface with styles or images and then coating it with vanish or lacquer

sculpt, sculpture - make by shaping stone or wood or almost every other Source tricky material; "sculpt a swan from a block of ice"

British and American art movement from the nineteen sixties which explored antitraditional and infrequently antiesthetic usually means to existing everyday objects and events.

artwork, wonderful art - the merchandise of human creativeness; operates of art collectively; "an art exhibition"; "a good collection of artwork"

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